Which is better: Pavers or Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is designed to copy the appearance of different paving materials out there like stone, tiles, wood, and also bricks as well. The patterns, colors and textures available in this option make it suitable for various applications from concrete driveways, to porches, patios and even walls. There is a ton of different textures, colors, and patterns for you to choose from and they can be used for a lot of different purposes as well such as walls, patios, porches, and driveways as well, so this is a great way to unleash your creativity.

Stamped Concrete: How is it Made?

The technique for stamping will be done when the concrete just starts to become hard. Then the big aggregate particles from the concrete will actually be worked down through the concrete when it is wet. Then a rubber mat is used in order to stamp the pattern or the texture into the concrete.

The Benefits

There are a lot of benefits from stamped concrete and the best benefit is that it is very affordable. Compared to using a paver, stamped concrete is much more cost effective. And the labor involved with stamped concrete is a lot less than pavers.

Unlike a paver which is individual, when you are using stamped concrete will be a continuous surface, so there will be no hazards regarding to tripping or anything like that. Also stamped concrete is pretty much maintenance free, which is a huge benefit because who wants to spend their free time after work cleaning up their concrete? Pavers are typically pretty high maintenance as well, so you will want to take that into mind.

The Negatives

The biggest negative of stamped concrete is the fact that it is concrete, which means that it will crack eventually and there is nothing you can do to stop it. This is because of the heavy loads it will be bearing on a daily basis or because of the earth shifting, either way most people do not care about these cracks because they are out of side and out of mind and do not really affect much anyways. But if you do not want the concrete to crack, stamped concrete can use joints to allow the concrete to be able to flex under load to prevent it from cracking.

If you want to repair a crack, it can be a challenge because you will need to match the properties of the original material and this can be hard. But if you do not repair the cracks, the only problem you will face is cosmetic issues and everyone has a crack driveway anyways so this is not really a big problem and is something you should only address when you have extra money burning a hole in your pocket.

A good thing about pavers is that the concrete they produce is very resistant to cracking and this is why they cost more as well. So that is the differences between stamped concrete and pavers and if you want to save money and a lot of hassle them stamped concrete is the way to go.

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