Safety Considerations In Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping is one of the most efficient and reliable means of placing concrete. It is undoubtedly the easiest and most economical method of concrete pouring used in America today.

Actually, pumping is the only option when it comes to placing concrete especially in raised buildings and large slabs where trucks and chutes and trucks can’t reach thus its use is inevitable.

If you are a concrete contractor, you are at times pressed to work fast and within a client’s budget. For this reason, you need a concrete placing technique that will increase your speed significantly while at the same time helping you economize on the available resources. Concrete pumping will help you achieve this.

The falling is the most widely used concrete pumping pumps in America;

  • Boom pumps
  • Line pumps and,
  • Separate placing booms

As it is said, no construction work is safe. This is not just a simple cliché, but a fact that we have no option but to live with. As a client, while going out to the market to look for a good concrete contractor, make sure you identify the safety precautions that the contractor has put in place to ensure maximum safety during concrete pumping works on your premises.

As a contractor, on the other hand, investing in safety measure should not be treated as an option. Don’t see it as a money consuming venture, but as one that will place you ahead of the competition. Below are safety precautions that no one should not turn a blind eye on;

Properly secure the system

A concrete pumping pump is efficient but equally dangerous. Just as any other machine, it can be fatal if not properly secured. Tie down is therefore essential before any work begins. Make sure that the pipelines and the buckets are properly fitted before the work begins, thus guaranteeing all the workers and other people on site that they are all in safe hands.

Proper cleaning of the system

Did you know that improper cleaning of a concrete pump can lead to a crisis? Yes, a dirty and hastily cleaned one is dangerous to work with. To be safe, make sure that the pump is cleaned with water. It is the safest and the best method to do it.

Most contractors, however, clean the machine using compressed air, since it is fast and time-saving. However, its risks outdo the advantages. By doing this, pressure might build up and set a camp inside the line, hence can cause fatal accidents during the pumping process. If you cannot stop using this cleaning method, make sure you install a bleed off valve on the system that will ensure the pressure that builds up is ejected when it is shut off.

Check for wear and tear

Nothing is safer than pumping concrete using a system that is free from wear and tear. If these are present in a system, they might cause the grout to escape, or let air into the pump thus cause undesirable accidents. This is why it is advisable to always check the system before and after use, and if you notice any problem with it, make sure it is repaired ASAP.

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