Preparing Your Home for the Future

If you are interested in future proofing your home and controlling it with your smart phone, then it is fairly simple. There is so many options available to you when you want to be able to make your home a home of the future and the best part is that doing this kind of work is not only easy but it is also quite affordable as well. So if you are interested in future proofing your home, it is as simple as reading this article because it will go into depth on everything you will need to know.

When you mention a house of the future, a lot of people will think of the cartoon the Jetsons which had flying cars, meals that show up whenever you want, and robots that do everything for you. Well, we actually do have robots that can do things for us but we are not quite at the point of the Jetsons just yet.

However, the actual homes of the future are a bit different but we are getting there.

The real home of the future means having a house that is connected to your smart phone, allowing you to control every aspect of the home. As well as having an efficient home that allows for effective use of our devices, such as switching out outlets for USB slots, or using a smart TV that can connect to the internet, or just making your home much more efficient with smart technology.

There have been many different studies that show that around 24 billion different devices will be connected in the next 4 years. And the best part is that smart homes are affordable to do.

The World is all Connect to the Internet

Just about everything we have is connected to the internet in some way even our toothbrushes and TV’s. This is pretty crazy when you think about it because we can even access social media on our refrigerators nowadays, so just imagine all of the other devices we have and the different kinds of things we are able to do with them nowadays.

However, if you want to use the WiFi features of your devices, you will have to ensure you have a strong connection to the internet that is also stable. The speed of your internet will determine your ability to future proof your home and it will also determine your experience as well. After all, when your internet is slow it will be difficult and frustrating to be able to use all of these futuristic features you plan on installing onto your home, so the first step you should always do is ensure you have top notch internet speed that is also stable and reliable.

So the first thing you should do if you want a smart home is to purchase a top notch WiFi router, it is important to spend good money on a high end model as you get what you pay for and a cheap one simply won’t cut it.

Converting from Telco to using Ethernet

Remember that time when people regularly used phonebooks and had a landline? Feels like a totally different world doesn’t it?

Nowadays, most people do not even have a landline because they prefer to use their cell phones. However, the wiring for the landlines is still there in your home waiting to be used.

If your home was built in the past decade, it’s likely wired with Cat5 cabling for your telephone. You can check by removing one of the phone plates and inspecting the wire. This can be used for your internet however in order to improve your connection, especially when using DSL.

So if you notice that your home is using Cat5, then you can hardwire your Ethernet connection which will provide a better signal and give you faster internet speeds. If your home has the older Cat3 cables, then you will want to consider having a professional take that out and install the modern Cat5 cables so you will be able to enjoy faster internet speeds.

Powering Everything Up

It is important to have enough outlets to power up all of your devices but you also do not want it all over your walls either. Aesthetics is important after all, because you do not want chargers and wires having everywhere along your walls, so it is a good idea to make sure that everything is cleaned up and efficient.

If you want to keep your devices powered up without making your home look like a mess then USB charging outlets maybe the way to go. These will replace the convention outlets and replace it with USB charging ports which you can use. So now you can plug in all of your different USB devices without cluttering up the home with wires and chargers.

These outlets are fairly cheap and they are easy to install as well, so if it is a good little project you can do in order to update your home. Before, you begin installing the USB outlets though, it is important to flip the switch in the breaker, because after all you will be working with electricity and that can be quite dangerous if there is a live current going through.

Making your Home Smart

Believe it or not but it is possible to control your home using your smart phone, which is pretty mind blowing when you think about it. With just your phone you will be able to control the temperature, lock and unlock doors, turn on your appliances, open doors, turn on lights, turn off lights, and just about everything you can imagine which is pretty amazing to say the least.

You can control every aspect of your home such as web cams, garage doors, thermostats, doorbells, door locks, security, lighting, and even things such as your appliances and TV by using your smart phone. There are a number of different devices out there that you can use in order to make your home smart. You can use Amazon’s Echo or even Apple’s HomeKit which is affordable and allows you to control your home without even having to get up.

These devices are easy to install as well and you will be able to buy them at stores like Best Buy or even Home Depot. Usually, all you will need is a screwdriver and maybe five minutes to install everything and get everything working the way it should. These devices are scalable as well, so you can start by connecting a few things and then gradually add more and more until your entire home is connected and smart.

Living it Up

Chances are that you do not want a home that is oppressive, somber, or dead quiet all of the time. So if you want your home to feel welcoming and to have a happy and fun atmosphere, then what are you suppose to do? Well it is simple, you need music!

Homes of the future will have audio systems that are house wide allowing you to play music anywhere in your home quickly and easily and the best part is that you will not have to worry about wires because it is totally wireless.

These sound systems are smart as well and they can wirelessly connect your playlists, to Tidal, Spotify, Sirius/XM, Pandora, and they can also connect to just about every single radio station in the world as well. You can control the music and what kind of music is being played in what parts of your home all by using your smart phone, which is pretty amazing because you can have orchestral music in the living room and heavy metal in the office at the same time.

Making your home smart can be a big investment, but you do not have to spend all the money at the same time and in the end it will be well worth it.

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